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Virtual Reality

Panorama Film

  • Date

    March 31, 2015

  • Client

    Holy Defense Museum

  • Director:

    Mir fakharii


اولین فیلم پانورامی ایران با کیفیت سیودو هزار

the film is being shown at Tehran’s Holy Defense Museum right now, this project was Iran’s first panorama or virtual reality film with 32K quality for the dome of the Tehran’s Holy Defense Museum and its 8 red shooted frame stitching plus visual effects was mine to supervise…

watch its demoreel on vimeo

Behind the Magic

you can find here pictures or videos about the project’s breakdown

The Pipeline

The Output

this frame will be 32000 x 16000 pixel output for a 17 meters dome to show it at Holy Defense Museum of Tehran

Behind the Scene

Some other documents about this project